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Cryogenic Instrument for Hawaii


Control software for the Cryogenic Infra-red Spectropolarimeter at the University of Hawaii

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Gemini Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics (MCAO)


Observatory Sciences consultants have spanned four continents working on the cutting-edge technology of a new Adaptive Optics system for the Gemini Observatory.

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Gemini Observatory: Design and production of Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (MCAO) software including Beam Transfer Optics


The adaptive optics system (Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics, MCAO) is a new capability being developed for Gemini North and South. It is a major new instrument that will provide significant advances in overcoming the problems of atmospheric turbulence. Observatory Sciences is involved in both the design and the production of the software for this system.

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Isaac Newton Group, La Palma: Upgrading adaptive optics (NAOMI) software


Observatory Sciences carried out an initial study and then performed the upgrade of the NAOMI software, including commissioning at the telescope.

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University College London: development, testing and commissioning of software for the Gemini High Resolution Optical Spectrograph (bHROS)


Observatory Sciences provided software effort for production, testing and commissioning of the bHROS software.

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UK Astronomy Technology Centre: Development and commissioning of high-level control software for Gemini Observatory Calibration Unit (GCAL)


Observatory Sciences was responsible for all aspects of the production of the high-level control software for the Calibration Units for each of the Gemini telescopes based in Hawaii and Chile.

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UK Astronomy Technology Centre: development of Instrument Sequencer software for Gemini Multiple Object Spectrographs


We worked closely with the UK ATC team producing control software for the Gemini Multiple Object Spectrograph.

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Isaac Newton Group, La Palma: migration of legacy control systems to Unix-based systems


Observatory Sciences developed networked, cross-platform software as part of a new data acquisition system to enable data acquired from the existing VAX control systems to be incorporated in the data files of the new system.

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