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Large Synoptic Survey Telescope


Controlling the world's largest survey telescope

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Spanish Telescope Commissioning


Commissioning of a Spanish 2.5 metre telescope control system.

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Commissioning on an Indian Island


Observatory Sciences consultants Chris Mayer and Alan Greer spent January 2013 at the site commissioning the telescope control system for the Multi-Application Solar Telescope (MAST) located in Rajasthan, India.

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Cost-effective solution for telescope control


Reduced costs and accelerated development are key benefits of using commercial-off-the-shelf software for telescope control.

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Observatorio Astrofisico de Javalambre


Observatory Sciences is contracted to provide the control system for a 2.5m wide-field survey telescope based in Spain. The T250 telescope is being built by AMOS in Belgium for the OAJ (Observatorio Astrofisico de Javalambre).

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Discovery Channel Telescope control


The facilities and infrastructure for the Discovery Channel Telescope at a new site in Arizona, USA, are due for completion in 2011, with telescope control software written by Observatory Sciences Ltd.

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ARIES and MAST Telescope Control


Observatory Sciences has begun development work on the control system software for two new telescopes which will be based in India, providing world class observing facilities in the country for ground-based optical astronomy.

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Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI) control


Observatory Sciences is producing the software to control an array of telescopes being built on Magdalena Ridge, New Mexico which will provide ultra high resolution astronomical images.

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US National Solar Observatory: Design of telescope control system for Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST)


An Observatory Sciences / Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory team is designing the telescope control system. The work covers both the control and pointing of the main telescope plus the coordination of all the telescope subsystems.

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UK Astronomy Technology Centre: Design, development and implementation of VISTA telescope's primary mirror (M1) control system software


Observatory Sciences is designing, developing and implementing the software to adjust the position and shape of the VISTA telescope’s primary (M1) mirror.

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Gemini Observatory Telescope Control System (TCS) further software development, implementation and support


Observatory Sciences has an on-going contract to provide software consultancy and support to the Gemini Observatory.

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National Maritime Museum: provision of new position encoders and control software for Royal Observatory Greenwich historic telescope


Observatory Sciences provided new position encoders for the telescope, along with bespoke software, thus providing easy monitoring of the telescope's position via a computer monitor.

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Gemini Observatory: Design and development of Telescope Control System (TCS) sub-system interfaces


As designers and developers of the main Telescope Control System software, our personnel had the in-depth knowledge and experience of the TCS as well as relevant expertise to develop these interfaces.

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Gemini Observatory: Design and development of the Telescope Control System (TCS)


The Gemini Observatory is an international $180m project, operating twin 8.1 metre reflecting telescopes, one sited in Hawaii and the other in Chile, which together provide complete sky coverage. With overall responsibility for management of the project, we designed and developed the software which controls the telescopes.

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