About Observatory Sciences

Observatory Sciences was founded in 1998 by a group of scientists from the former Royal Greenwich Observatory. Basing the company in Cambridge, where much ground-breaking astronomical research had been undertaken, they set out to apply their skills to the development of specialist services and solutions for astronomy and cutting-edge science facilities.

The company has grown steadily, building a global reputation for high quality consultancy services and innovative hardware and software development. We have increased the breadth of our capability and the strength of our team, with the capability not only to develop systems but also to put key people on the ground at client facilities to see projects through from concept to completion.

With a growing client base that spans government research agencies, scientific bodies and private sector companies, Observatory Sciences is acknowledged across the world as a leading developer of bespoke big science control software systems, with complementary consultancy, project management and training services.

Company History Timeline

1998 Royal Greenwich Observatory closed by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council; Observatory Sciences Ltd is founded, and is engaged to work on the Gemini telescopes and on the PIMS network for the UK Ministry of Defence
1999 Awarded contract for software development for the UK ATC and for consultancy to University College London and to the Isaac Newton Group of telescopes on the Canary Islands
2000 Observatory Sciences carries out its first EPICS training course
2001 Gemini GMOS software delivered to the UK ATC. Improved control system delivered for historic telescopes at Royal Observatory, Greenwich
2002 Observatory Sciences consultant appointed deputy chairman of the IADC's Measurements Working Group and as a representative of the British National Space Centre
2003 Awarded contract for primary mirror control software for new VISTA telescope; Awarded contract for control software for Diamond Light Source synchrotron systems; Awarded contracts to develop diagnostic sensor systems and adaptive optics module on Gemini telescopes; Awarded contract to develop control system for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope; Observatory Sciences consultant appointed chairman of the IADC's Measurements Working Group
2004 Observatory Sciences delivers EPICS training for Australian Synchrotron Project
2005 Awarded contract for control software for the MCAO slow focus wavefront sensor; Awarded contract for ongoing software support at Diamond Light Source; Awarded contract by Australian National University for on-site consultancy for Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager
2006 Design study completed for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. First public training course for EPICS software
2007 Observatory Sciences undertakes study for the European Extremely Large Telescope; Consultants brought in to assist with beamline software for the Australian Synchrotron; Observatory Sciences begins work on control systems for ARIES and MAST telescopes in India; Commissioned to produce control software for telescope array being built on Magdalena Ridge, New Mexico;
2008 Observatory Sciences signs licencing agreement with Tpoint Software; Commissioned to develop control system for Discovery Channel Telescope; produces telescope control software study for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (Texas)
2009 Observatory Sciences undertakes further software studies for the European Extremely Large Telescope project; presents EPICS training courses to ASKAP (Australia) and ITER (France)
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