Gemini Observatory: Design and development of Telescope Control System (TCS) sub-system interfaces

The client

The Gemini Observatory is an international $180m project, operating twin 8.1 metre reflecting telescopes, one sited in Hawaii and the other in Chile, which together provide complete sky coverage.

A logical continuation

As designers and developers of the main Telescope Control System software, our personnel had the in-depth knowledge and experience of the TCS as well as relevant expertise to develop these interfaces.

What we provided

Among the subsystem interfaces implemented as part of the Gemini TCS were those for the Gemini Primary Mirror (M1) Control System (PCS).

Observatory Sciences staff developed the high-level command interface in the PCS, and the interface between TCS and M1 control systems. This included implementing an empirical open loop models of M1 surface as function of telescope elevation.

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