Gemini Observatory Telescope Control System (TCS) further software development, implementation and support

The client

The Gemini Observatory, which operates twin 8.1 metre reflecting telescopes, one sited in Hawaii and the other in Chile, which together provide complete sky coverage.

A logical continuation

Observatory Sciences has an on-going contract to provide software consultancy and support to the Gemini Observatory.

Work undertaken to date includes

On-site commissioning of telescope control system – bug-fixing, upgrading and release of enhanced versions of the TCS and its subsystems.
Interfacing the TCS to further TCS subsystems, including the Acquisition and Guidance subsystem (including the A& G Sequencer), the Cassegrain Rotator subsystem and the Altair adaptive optics subsystem.

Interfacing the TCS to Gemini instruments, including the provision of a flexible Visitor Instrument Interface to provide a means of easily integrating non-standard instruments into the overall Gemini system.

Implementing Gemini TCS handsets plus TCS testing facilities. We extended the ESO Skycat tool with plugins to make possible interactive control of telescope pointing to provide more immediate feedback to users.

Our part in a Gemini ‘first’

Observatory Sciences was delighted that our Visitor Instrument Interface software was used in conjunction with the OSCIR instrument to make the first science observations with a Gemini observatory telescope.

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