UK Astronomy Technology Centre: development of Instrument Sequencer software for Gemini Multiple Object Spectrographs

The client

The UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC), Edinburgh, Scotland The UK ATC aims to help keep the UK at the forefront of world astronomy by providing a UK focus for the design, production and promotion of state of the art astronomical technology.

Project background

The UK ATC was producing control software for the Gemini Multiple Object Spectrograph (GMOS, pictured right). These spectrographs were among the first instruments to become operational on the 8-metre Gemini telescopes sited in Hawaii and Chile.

Working in partnership

We worked closely with the UK ATC's GMOS team.

What we provide

Additional control software expertise and development / testing / integration effort. Observatory Sciences' work included provision of co-ordinating Instrument Sequencer software to tie together the control and data acquisition facilities of GMOS.

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