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Control Software

Observatory Sciences Ltd (OSL) has been delivering high-quality control systems for large scientific facilities for over 20 years, specialising in software for accelerators (including synchrotrons) and large optical telescopes. We work with both the end user (scientific institution) as well as manufacturers of equipment that will be used in these systems.

We do not provide "off-the-shelf" control systems. Many of these facilities are unique, often with new and ambitious scientific aims, and so the control software must reflect the cutting-edge features and technology of novel scientific systems. In some cases, the software we provide will be working in an already established environment and so our systems will conform with the environment and software standards adopted at the customer's facility.

Our software is developed working with the customer, working with OSL consultants who are familiar with the science and technologies being used. Larger projects, which sometimes span several years duration, are often managed by a series of project reviews, perhaps starting with a preliminary design review and ending with the on-site commissioning and acceptance of the control system.

We use a wide variety of software technologies in our systems, including the programming languages Java, Python, C, C++ or LabVIEW running on Linux, Windows or VxWorks. We specialise in the EPICS software framework which has been adopted by many large experimental facilities, but are also familiar with TANGO as well as site-specific software frameworks adopted by some institutions.

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